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e-PROCSA Landing

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 In order to purchase PROCSA Agreements, you need to click "Create Account" to register your details. If you have already registered, enter your email and password  and click “Log In” 


  e-Cloud Construction 
Click on the logo above for information about the new e-CLOUD Construction Suite of Productivity Services 


Any User of e-CLOUD Construction Services needs to Create an Account and Register their details in order to access the Documents and Services provided. This Registration is free and immediate. The Services include e-PROCSA, e-JBCC, e-SAFETY, e-NBR Document Access Services etc. Once you have Registered your details, you will be emailed a temporary Username and Password in order to verify your email address. You are then required to Login with this Username and Password and purchase e-CLOUD Credits in order to purchase Documents. You can change your temporary Password at any time. Registered Users have access to a range of different Document Suites.

Registered Users can purchase Documents using a credit a Credit or Debit Card at any time, day or night 24/7.