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Contract Law Workshop Programme 


Johannesburg 2009
1. Principles of contract law specific to the  construction industry.                               12th February 2009
a.       Common law and legal terms
b.       Legislation, CIDB
c.       Offer, acceptance and performance obligations
d.       The basics of Building Contracts
e.       Other Forms of Contract: FIDIC, NEC, GCC, TOC, JCT, Domestic
f.         The differences between the Standard Forms of Contract
2.       The JBCC Contracts –                           12th March 2009
a.       Principal Building Agreement with Contract Data Documents
b.       Nominated / Selected Agreement with Contract Data Documents
c.       Minor Works Agreement with Contract Data Documents
d.       The Tendering Process
e.       Nominated or Selected Sub-contractors
f.         The Forms & Guides
3.       The JBCC Electronic Service (JES)             9th April 2009
a.       JES Service
                                                                                                                           i.      Reference Documents
                                                                                                                          ii.      ‘Active’ Forms
                                                                                                                        iii.      Automated Payment Certificates – detailed training on this application
                                                                                                                        iv.      Document On-line Printing facilities
                                                                                                                          v.      Contract Price Adjustment Provision (CPAP) – Indices/ Workgroups/Guides
4.       Law of Agency                                         14th May 2009
a.       Principal Agent and Agents, their rights, risks and responsibilities
b.       Builders Lien
c.       Guarantees – Payment and Construction
d.       Indemnities
e.       Limited liability
5.       Risk Management  - Legal Project Management 
                                                                                                                     11th June 2009
a.       The project programme
b.       Notices
c.       The paper trail
d.       Insurances – General, Special, Works, Public
e.       Contract Price Adjustment Provision (CPAP)
6.       Payment                                                                                 2nd July 2009
a.       Preliminaries
b.       Interim and Final
c.       Variations
d.       Revision of Date of Practical completion
e.       Authorised Adjustments
f.         Recovery of Expense & Loss,
g.       Retention / Construction Guarantees
7.       Completion                                                13th August 2009
a.       Project Audit
b.       Variation Claims
c.       Acceleration, Extension of time
d.       Interim, Practical, Works, Final
e.       Defects Liability Period and Warranties
f.         Latent and patent defects
8.       When it all goes wrong                             10th Sept. 2009
a.       Breach, repudiation
b.       Termination & cancellation,
c.       Damages & penalties
d.       Dispute resolution – Conciliation, Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation
9. Consultants Agreements – (Professional Consultants Services Committee) (PROCSA) 
                                                                             8th October 2009
a.       Professional Services Agreement
b.       Annexure A
c.       The individual Discipline - Annexure B’s
d.       Legal advice
10.    The construction sector Empowerment Charter & BEE
                                                                                                             12th November 2009
a.       The Charter - what you need to know
b.       BBBEE Partnership
c.       Government work
d.    The risks of international contracting with a focus on Africa
e     DTI Code of Practice