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Cape Town


Contract Law Workshops
              Cape Town 2009             
1.     Principles of contract law specific to the construction industry. -  19th June 2009   
a.     Common law and legal terms
b.     Legislation, CIDB
c.     Offer, acceptance and performance obligations
d.     The basics of Building Contracts
e.     Other Forms of Contract: FIDIC, NEC, GCC, TOC, JCT, Domestic
f.      The differences between the Standard Forms of Contract
2.     The JBCC Contracts – Edition 5.0                                                       17th July 2009
a.     Principal Building Agreement with Contract Data Documents
b.     Nominated / Selected Agreement with Contract Data Documents
c.     Minor Works Agreement with Contract Data Documents
d.     The Tendering Process
e.     Nominated or Selected Sub-contractors
f.      The Forms & Guides
3.     Payment                                                                                             21st August 2009
a.     Preliminaries
b.     Interim and Final
c.     Variations
d.     Revision of Date of Practical completion
e.     Authorised Adjustments
f.      Recovery of Expense & Loss,
g.     Retention / Construction Guarantees
4.     Completion                                                                                  11th September 2009
a.     Project Audit
b.     Variation Claims
c.     Acceleration, Extension of time
d.     Interim, Practical, Works, Final
e.     Defects Liability Period and Warranties
f.      Latent and patent defects
5.     When it all goes                                                                           16th October 2009
a.     Breach, repudiation
b.     Termination & cancellation,
c.     Damages & penalties
d.     Dispute resolution – Conciliation, Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation
6.     Consultants Agreements – (Professional Consultants Services Committee
       – (PROCSA)                                                                               20th November 2009
a.     Professional Services Agreement
b.     Annexure A
c.     ‘’Scope of Services’’ Annexure B’s for each Professional Discipline
d.     Legal advice