Sign On-Demand

We are making it fast and easy for you to quickly circulate any agreement for final completion and legal electronic signature, so you can focus on the work of running your projects rather than wasting time on endless administrative functions. A cloud-based, e-signature service that uses Adobe Sign and lets you replace paper and ink signature processes with fully automated electronic signature workflows.
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  • No additional subscription required for this Sign On-Demand Service
  • Combine all annexures and supporting documents (can be excel, word or pdf format) into one pdf document
  • Avoid the problem of having signatories geographically spread
  • Automate digital Document workflows, including forms, approvals, and certified documents
  • Have a full audit trail and record attached to the final document with all dates and times of the signing and completion.
  • Keep a record of the finalised document stored in a project folder online.

Please ensure that prior to this request, the document has been completed fully, other than the fields required for at the time of signing. i.e. date and place of signature and the address details of the witnesses. On submission of this request, the document will be emailed to the signatories in the following order:

  1. Consultant
  2. Consultant Witness
  3. Client
  4. Client Witness

Each signatory will be requested to electonically populate their own required fields, initial all pages and sign the document. On confimation of completion, the document will then be forwared to the next signatory to follow the same procedure. A daily reminder will be set to remind signatories of the outstanding request. Contracts on Demand does not take any responsibility whatsoever for signatories to complete the electronic completion and/or the signing process. Once the last signatory has completed, a final protected and uneditable pdf copy of the document will be emailed to all signatories as well as any other persons requested within the Special Instruction field included below.

Contracts on Demand does not undertake to resend the document for signature, in the event changes to the document are requested after the submission of this request.

On submission of this request, 390 credits will be deducted from your company account. Please ensure sufficient credits are available, failing which the request will delayed until such time as there are sufficient credits.

Signatory Details

Special Instructions

List any special instructions you want to give to the designated signatories. If you want any other persons to be copied with the final signed and completed Document, then a list of these email addresses must be included in this instruction.

Additional Annexures

We require additional annexures to be emailed to us once we begin the signing process (Preferably PDF upload)

Additional Annexure 1
Additional Annexure 2
Additional Annexure 3
Additional Annexure 4

390 credits will be deducted for this Service