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e-CLOUD Construction Registration (free of charge)

Free Registration

Please note that your Company Office  only needs to Register once to use our Services. If your Office has already Registered, please speak to your e-CLOUD Construction Office Administrator.

Subscribers vs Non-Subscribers

All Registered Offices by default have Non-Subscriber status. However, pay-as-you-go non-subscriber access is provided to Services using our e-DOCX Document Access System.

Non-Subscribers pay the full retail price for Documents and do not benefit from:

  • discounted Document prices enjoyed by Subscribers (up to 30% discount)
  • collaborating with others online in the iterative completion of Documents
  • copying inserted text from one Document to another
  • purchasing Credits by EFT

To subscribe to our Services, please go to "Subscriptions" on our Website.

Purchase of Credits

Only 'Office Administrators' and 'Project Administrators' are allowed to purchase 'credits' via credit card. This then allows for the purchase of PROCSA, JBCC, other Documents, training or advertising.