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Mandatory Software for the Productivity System

Mandatory Software for the ‘Productivity System’
Mandatory: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Note: You will not be able to open the Documents unless you have the latest Acrobat Reader version installed on your workstation.  Please click on the logo below to download the free latest version of Acrobat Reader onto your workstation. 

Other PDF software applications will NOT work. Also please note that if you are using an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, it may be bundled with its own PDF viewer. This will also NOT work.

Web Browser:

The ‘Productivity System’ will not work with Chrome, Edge or Safari Browsers. This is because they do not support crucial ‘Productivity System’ functionality.

How to get PDF files to open using Adobe Acrobat in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Web Browser

  1. Open Control Panel (icon view) and select “Default Programs”. Click the link labelled “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”, and wait for a couple of seconds to load all file types

  2. Scroll down the list to see .PDF entry

  3. Click on “.PDF” entry, and then click the “Change program” button

  4. A pop-up will appear that will let you choose an app from the list

  5. If the default app is not listed in this window, then you can select either Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Adobe Acrobat if you prefer not to use a browser to open the PDF document

  6. Click this link to browse to the program that you want to set as the default PDF reader, and then choose the “Open” button to set it as the default

Mandatory Web Browsers for the ‘Productivity System’

 Internet Explorer’ Web Browser  

 To access ‘Internet Explorer’ click on your windows start button or search button at the bottom Left corner of your screen and then start typing the words ‘Internet Explorer’. Click the ‘Internet Explorer’ option on the drop-down menu.

You are then in the ‘Internet Explorer’ Browser and can continue to the Login page.

Note: You can right-click on the ‘Internet Explorer’ drop-down menu option to either Pin it to your taskbar or Pin it to your Start page where it can be opened.

 Mozilla Firefox Browser 

Mozilla Firefox version 4 and upwards. Mozilla is available for most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Apple Macintosh.

Download Firefox

Please Note: If you are using the Firefox Browser, it is essential to change its own .pdf Reader for the latest authorised version of the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Reader.


How to change the Firefox .PDF Reader in Firefox Browser to the latest authorised version of the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Reader


In the Firefox Web Browser:




  1. Click on OPTIONS

  2. Scroll down to APPLICATIONS


  4. Select USE ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC (default)

  5. Close the TAB and continue accessing the 'Productivity System'